The heart of Noclip is its beautiful and sleek forums. Categories are at the top level of your forums, being the main way to organize broader subjects.

Categories have a value called weight which allows you to change the order or what categories appear first. The higher the weight value the lower the category will appear in the list.

Categories can also have cosmetic changes with Rainbow (link later), for example a cover image, that allows you to customize the header for each category. This also uses this image as the background, which gives it more character and uniqueness.


How do I lock a Category?

For example, you may want to lock the official default category. Locking a category disallows users making posts in any of the boards inside the category.

Locking a category can be done by going to your Dashboard and toggling the Lock Category button. Roles with the forum:administrator permission can still post in categories or boards that are locked

What is a slug?

A slug is a URL friend version of the title, this allows for users to be able to reach the category from a link. Changing the slug will break links that were previously posted elsewhere, this is considered a dangerous action. However, this allows you to have control over what the link friendly url is called, which is beneficial to some users. A default slug is created when you make a title for your category.


If you encounter any problems with setting up, please join our Discord here.