Threads are the main way users will interact with your community. Threads can be pinned, putting them directly at the top of a board, giving further importance, for example pinning a rules thread in a board allowing users to find it easier.


Threads can be customized to have a cover or a thread color allowing threads to stand out from others. (this is a rainbow feature)


How do I lock a Thread?

Locking a thread can be done by going to your Dashboard and toggling the Lock Thread button. Roles with the forum:administrator permission can still post in categories, boards, or threads that are locked.

Locking a thread can also be done by going to the thread and clicking the lock icon. Clicking it again will unlock the thread.

What is a slug?

A slug is a URL friend version of the title, this allows for users to be able to reach the category from a link. Changing the slug will break links that were previously posted elsewhere, this is considered a dangerous action. However, this allows you to have control over what the link friendly url is called, which is beneficial to some users. A default slug is created when you make a title for your category.

How do I move a thread to a different board?

Moving threads can be beneficial to keep your forums organized. For example moving a thread in moderator applications to the accepted category.

To move a thread visit the thread in your forums, click the move thread icon. This will pop up a modal allowing you to search and select a new board for the thread to be moved to. This will also seamlessly move all the comments with it without you worrying about it.


If you encounter any problems with setting up, please join our Discord here.