Store Linking

Linking your Noclip Store to your Garry’s Mod server will automatically allow users to receive their packages.


Picture step by step: (Will be added Soon)

Download the Store Files here.

Once you have downloaded the noclip-donation-gmod, you will need to upload it via FileZilla or WinSCP. Once uploaded via FTP you can now config the addon, please go to the following file location (noclip-donation-gmod-1.1.2\lua\noclip_store\config).

Setting up the sv_config file.

First you will need your community API key, please go to your dashboard and press general settings, then press Reset API key, then scroll all the way down to the bottom, copy then paste your API key in the sv_config file (NoClip.Store.Config.APIKey = “ABC-123-XYZ”)

Then you will need the URL to your community. Ensure there is no trailing ”/”, copy your community URL and replace ”” with your own URL.

Next, you will need your “ServerID”. to find this please go to, make sure you have created a server, when you have created your server you will see the “ID” please copy and paste your server ID here NoClip.Store.Config.ServerID = “YOURID”

The next few steps are completely your choice, please make sure not to set the Store.Config.Check too less as this may cause lag.

Setting up the sh_language file and cl_config.

These two files do not require any setup but you can edit anything here to match your country’s language or to change the colour of the donation notification.


If you encounter any problems with setting up, please join our Discord here.